At One Stop Shop, we have a wide range of therapy and auditory resources for young adults and children in Australia. All of our products are designed to educate and engage children with behavioral, developmental, or auditory needs, including ADD, ADHD, and autism. We ensure to inspire children in order to help them meet their unique potential with the help of our musical instruments. The auditory fidgets for kids are suitable for home, school, and hospital.

 Musical instruments help develop a number of key skills, including coordination, fine motor skills, memory, and reading. The products or instruments provided are beneficial for all children but they are more beneficial for children with ADHD, ADD, or autism who often have difficulty concentrating and communicating. These fidget toys not only enhance the playing environment around the children they also promote brain development and strengthen focus. 

One Stop Shop has a selection of musical instruments for children, including speakers, egg shakers, and earmuffs. The instrumental toys like Maracas and Earmuffs are the perfect musical toys for children, introducing them to hand function and rhythm control at a young age. 

The musical set available at One Stop Shop is a classic first instrument for many children. So if you are considering investing in children’s musical instruments, our colorful selection is a good place to start.   

Browse our full collection of toys under the Auditory section at One Stop Shop right away. Apart from the products mentioned, we provide a wide variety of other auditory resources, management games, and sensory toys.