Large Equipment

The One Stop Sensory Shop offers a variety of large equipment and toys for children with special needs. From improving a child’s balance and coordination to making playtime easier, our One Stop Shop offers the best selection of toys for special needs in Australia. 

Special Needs Toys are an essential part of the development of children of all abilities and ages, providing an unmatched capability to help children develop as social individuals, practice eye contact with others, understand non-verbal messages, and develop conversational skills. These large equipment can help both children with special needs and adults with their socialization skills. 

The One Stop Sensory Shop’s range of special needs large equipment enables you to develop your child’s intellectual, physical, and emotional skills through safe and fun toys and games, including toys for children with the autism spectrum, children with sensory problems, and a variety of other disabilities.  

Kids love jumping and equipment like HD Mini Trampoline can be a fun and adorable way to do it. These inflatable Round Balance Beam and stepping stones are a great way to develop balance and gross motor skills while having fun. For more challenges, the Punching bag will also build up physical strength in children. 

The roller or Round beam is another great special needs device for teaching gross motor skills in a fun way. All the kids have to do is walk on the platforms to keep them moving while they learn about action and reaction. This helps children stay active, improve their coordination and dexterity. 

 Some of our equipment are simply great for children. This range of large equipment is a great way to pique children’s curiosity about how and why things work the way they do.

Swing sets and large trampolines can be purchased on request, please email our sales team at [email protected]