Fine motor skills are an essential part of everyday life and are part of almost every imaginable activity such as lifting, drawing, blinking, and much more. At One Stop Sensory Shop, there is an attractive range of toys that can develop fine motor skills in children. Children can develop these skills as effectively as possible as they grow with time.  

The fine motor toys in our range are perfect for children, toddlers, and babies. In this crucial phase of physical and mental development, fine motor skills are an extremely important part of their entire learning process.  

Our fine motor skills products can be used in a variety of settings including the informal learning environment at home or formal learning centers such as preschools, daycare centers, and schools. 

 Nothing inspires the engineer’s imagination like the manufacture of 3D shapes and objects. With our 3D sensory kit, kids will learn the value of symmetrical design with step-by-step instructions on how to create different types of blueprints. This is a great starting point for getting them to design and create their own blueprints from paper and carefully modify or customize their designs for better results.  

Build any 3D Shapes is another great activity for developing fine motor skills. Children use small colored shapes to recreate the images provided or to create their own. This is also good for color and pattern recognition development.  

The basic tool kit is a very popular fine motor toy that teaches the basics of mechanics in a playful and accessible way. Children can assemble all sorts of intricate gear systems and learn how each part interacts with the other. Perfect for clinic, school, or at home.