Age wise fidget toys for children

Age Wise Fidget Toys for Children

In recent years, fidget toys have become extremely popular. From occupational therapy offices, classrooms to work meetings.  fidget toys have been adopted for their ability to keep busy hands and minds focused in addition to being enjoyable.  If you want to boost concentration at work, school, or home, fidget toys may be...

The Ultimate 5 Best Sensory Toys to Help Your Child

The 5 Best Sensory Toys to Help Your Child with ASD & Sensory Processing Needs

Children with autism or any sensory disorder may feel challenged with respect to many aspects of life. The deformed sensory input may affect proprioception, social involvement or interaction, and safety of the children.  Deformed sensory susceptibility along with a deformity in communication might affect the temperament of young children, babies, or...

Sensory toys for Autism

Sensory toys for autism in Australia

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) represent a broad class of conditions that manifest a variety of deficits. In this category of disorders, autism is the most predominant.  Children with signs of sensory processing dysfunction, such as those with ASD, often have difficulty regulating responses to specific sensations and stimuli and may use...

Push it Pop it toys

New Age Push it Pop it fidget toys for children

A new craze for fidget toys among kids is here as Push it Pop it. The basic silicone bubble wrap is a must-have fidget toy in the playground of children with autism.  The sensory jitter bubble pop-it has small "bubbles" that you can squeeze and "pop".   These fidget toys are reusable and...

trending Fidget Toys

Trending fidget toys: Gift your children one for stress relief

A fidget toy is an object or a toy that helps in maintaining focus and attention by allowing the brain to filter out superfluous sensory information.  By keeping the hands engaged in simple and repetitive motor movements, the child can "separate" what would otherwise distract from light, sounds, smells, movements, and...

What is NDIS

What is NDIS and how it works

What is the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme)? The NDIS stands for National Disability Insurance Scheme, which extends great support towards people with disabilities, their families, and carers.  It is jointly operated and funded by the Australian government and participating states and territories. The NDIS has been introduced and exercised across Australia...

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