The Ultimate 5 Best Sensory Toys to Help Your Child

The 5 Best Sensory Toys to Help Your Child with ASD & Sensory Processing Needs

Children with autism or any sensory disorder may feel challenged with respect to many aspects of life. The deformed sensory input may affect proprioception, social involvement or interaction, and safety of the children. 

Deformed sensory susceptibility along with a deformity in communication might affect the temperament of young children, babies, or toddlers.  

Intervention at an early age can be helpful for the children to sense the environment and their surroundings. This can even enhance their ways to communicate with others.

Some of the ways of intervention are providing the children with fidget toys or sensory toys for autism.

Sensory toys for toddlers or kids are the best fidgets as they engage their minds and other senses. 

The most common sensory fidget toys for kids are:

Fine Motor Skills Toys Australia

Fine motor skills include the movements that are done with the help of small muscles in our hands and wrists. These motor skills are important in everyday life to perform tasks like in school or at work. 

These movements look effortless and small when they come naturally to people but fine motor skills are really complex to achieve for those who don’t develop them naturally. 

Fine motor skills can be developed during childhood by using some fine motor skills toys like:

These toys are very helpful in improving fine motor skills as they promote movements. The fine motor skills toys act as an exercise for kids and adults both, to enhance fine motor skills. 

For say, in puzzles, a child can start with larger pieces of puzzles and then come down to small ones for better skill development.

Best Fidget Toys and Benefits for Kids

Fidget toys are a segment of handheld objects that help children/adults focus and reduce stress. Such objects are believed to help in improving the learning ability of individuals. 

Children with anxiety can benefit from sensory fidget toys for anxiety. When children feel restless, nervous, anxious, or impatient they can spend time in sensory toys for anxiety. 

Sensory fidget toys are a good way to vent the feeling of impatience, restlessness, or anxiety. 

They are best for distraction from a stressful environment and improving the focus or concentration on the calming aspect. Sensory fidget toys for kids or adults pull them away from stressful situations and engage them in calming activities. 

Fidget toys also promote creativity and help in improving the recognition of colors, shapes, and sizes through the senses.  

The fidget toys are made with durable materials that are for children and adults both. An individual can eliminate stress just by playing with toys concerned with movements like squishing, squeezing, stretching, or flipping. 

Some more benefits are: 

  • Boosts self-control
  • Relieves anxiety and stress
  • Improves learning through different senses
  • Helps in better recognition of shapes, sizes, colors, and more.
  • Enhances focus and concentration.

Effects of Deep Pressure Touch on Anxiety

Deep Pressure Touch is a type of tactile sensory input which is often rendered through actions like hugging, cuddling, firm holding/gripping, squeezing, and so on. 

Deep Pressure Touch decreases the level of cortisol (a stress hormone) in humans that curtails the feeling of fear, stress, and anxiety.

Deep Pressure Touch is not something that needs extravagant instruments, it can be achieved with the help of weighted fidget toys.

Some of the weighted products are:

  • Weighted Blankets
  • Weighted Lap Blankets
  • Weighted Cushion
  • Weighted Lion
  • Weighted Tiger  

How Do I Choose the Perfect Sensory Toys for kids?

We have a complete guide with a list of sensory toys for autism that are perfect for kids. They can enjoy hours of fun and embrace some learning also through the toys. 

Check it out here: Sensory toys for autism in Australia

The age-wise guide is available here: New Age Push it Pop it fidget toys for children

  • It illustrates the sensory toys for infants, which include: Stackers and teethers, Chewable pendants, and more
  • Sensory toys for 1-year-old kids: Push it pop it, Teethers, Stackers, and more. 
  • Sensory toys for 2-year-old kids: Pop tubes, Rainbow Push it pop it, and more.
  • Sensory toys for 3-year-old kids: Flash cards, Putty, Stress balls, Relaxing bubble tube, and so on. 
  • Sensory toys for 4-year-old children or older: Tangram Puzzles, Geometric Puzzles, Polypellets, Spinners, and more.

All the options and variety in sensory toys for toddlers, kids, and adults are listed on our website. 

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