For a long period of time, One Stop Sensory Shop has provided educational and therapeutic resources for young adults and children. Our wide range of products is designed to aid in the management of learning, behavior, and developmental disorders. The wide range includes sensory toys, autism games, and time management tools, among others. Our products are used by therapists, teachers, and family members. The products are suitable for a variety of environments including schools and hospitals. 

Our Time Management Clocks and Timers 

At One Stop Sensory Shop, our kid-friendly time management resources are designed to help children and young adults better manage their daily routines and teach them key planning skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. The clocks and timers as activity planners can help kids keep track of their daily activities and remind them who is looking after them or who to visit on a specific day of the week. Our Timers are great tools for managing continuous activities, whether at home or at school. 

 We are constantly updating our time management tools to stay one step ahead of the latest challenges and technologies. 

In addition to teaching children the concept of time, our resources can help reduce conflict at home and manage stressful transitions or changes. 

 Proper time management for children is essential for success 

All parents can use time management strategies such as Time management tools. As they can give them the visual incentives they need by helping them set clear goals and teaching them the concept of time.  

For more information on improving your child’s time management skills, visit the full range of time management clocks and timers at One Stop Sensory Shop